Patient Portal Instructions

Patient Portal

At Central Coast Pediatrics we offer our patients online health services in a secure and confidential manner. We are able to achieve this through our Patient Portal.

These services include online appointment scheduling, access to medical records including copies of immunizations, prescription renewals, and more.  If you are currently a patient with our office and interested in signing up for these services, simply click on the Register link at the top of the portal page and follow the instructions below to sign-up.

For your privacy, the system will require you to enter a PIN number for each child you want to register on your account. You may recieve your child's PIN number from one of our front desk receptionists or by calling our offices at (805) 549-0888 in SLO and (805) 434-3796 in Templeton or emailing [email protected]. Please remember that this unique pin will expire if not used within 2 weeks of the issue date.

Once registered you may logon on at any time and be able to:

  • Exchange Email through our Secure Messaging System
  • Access Medical Records
  • Download Patient Forms
  • Send Forms Electronically
  • Update your Profile and Contact Information
  • View Account Statements
  • Request Appointments
  • Request Prescription Refills

Step by Step Instructions: Creating Your Account

Step 1: Head to portal website: and click on Register at the top left corner of the homepage.

Step 2: Accept Registration Consent Form

Step 3: Fill out Registration Form using parent's information.

Note: Email may only be used for one account.

Step 4: Patient Verification: Check the "I have an appointment or have been seen here by a physician before." and click Next.

Note: Must be seen in our office before receiving a pin number to have access to patient portal.

Step 5: Adding Patients to Account: To add your child to your account click on "Edit Account" on the top left corner of the page.

Note: Do not enter PIN number on the Verify Identity page, this process is only if you are a patient that is over 18 years of age. If you are a parent do not enter in child's PIN on this page and continue onto next step.

Step 6: Adding Children to Account: Once in Account Page, click on "My Family" tab.

Step 7: Adding PIN Numbers: Once in My Family tab, click on the "Add Family Member" button.

Step 8: Adding PIN Numbers: On the Add Family Member Page choose the relationship the patient is to you.

Note: You may add more than one child to this account.

Once relationship has been chosen click Next and continue onto next page, then add your child's First and Last Name with the PIN Number provided by Central Coast Pediatrics.

Once all information has been completed, click Verify on the bottom right corner of the page. Your child's name will show on your account and you will be able to access their records from your portal account.


Contact Us


Sick child? Please do not send us a message via the webpage. If your child is ill, please call us at your preferred office location so that we may assist you in a timely manner.

Please do not submit any Protected Health Information (PHI).